Lake Friendly Living

What happens around home matters to the health of the lakes. Being ‘lake-friendly’ means making active choices that prioritize the health of the lake. Our choices can affect the water quality of Crooked Lake Chain and therefore, incorporating ‘Lake Friendly Living’ practices into your home activities can reduce your impact on the lake.

4 things you can do


Manage Runoff

When thinking about your landscaping, be sure to consider where the water goes directly after leaving your lawn. Consider using rain gardens, berms or other natural depressions.


Preserve Vegetation

Think about using buffers to limit erosion near shorelines and consider planting wildflowers, native grasses, shrubs and other appropriate plants.


Maintain Septic Tanks

Be sure to do routine maintenance and checks on septic tanks. A good rule of thumb is to have them pumped every 3 years.


Prevent AIS

Check boats, motors and trailers for Aquatic Invasive Species. If you have travelled elsewhere with your boat, be sure to completely decontaminate your boat/trailer.

Caring for Land and Waters

Curious about how to take care of the beauty of your lake? Want more information about creating a legacy of conservation? The Land and Waters Organization has compiled an amazing tool to learn about Everything from shoreland conservation to garbage and septic disposal and the protection of endangered and threatened species.

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Get out the Lead

Did toy know that one lead sinker can poison a loon? The less lead we release into the environment, the better off our wildlife will be. Next time you clean out your tackle box and make a list of replacement tackle to purchase for the upcoming fishing season, be sure to include nontoxic fishing sinkers.

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Dock Regulations

Make sure your docks and structures meet regulations! If you are looking to add a new dock or make adaptations to the one you already have, it is a good idea to check the DNR Dock Regulations. You also may need to get a permit for floating docks, swim rafts or other water toys.

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