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PCLIA Committees
A committee can be formed or discontinued at any time based upon the needs of the association. The Board of Directors must approve the formation or termination of any committee by a vote of the majority attending the board meeting. Each committee will consist of a chairperson and a number of members based upon the requirements of the committee. The chairperson may be an officer, director, or any paying member of the association. This applies as well to any members of the committee. Most committee activities will require significant communications with other committees since there are many interdependencies that exist across disciplines.

The chairperson is responsible for organizing the committee, conducting meetings, planning, tracking, and implementing projects, acquiring necessary funding and reporting status at each board meeting. If the chairperson is not available to report to the board, they may send a written status or have another committee member attend. Committees should have an annual project plan which is presented at the first board meeting of the year. This includes all major activities and related dates. The president will have ongoing two way communications with each chairperson to assist the committees when PCLIA interdependencies are required or committee activities dictate more frequent updates.