Benefits of being a member of PCLIA

  1. The purpose of the PCLIA is to preserve and improve the condition and quality of our lakes and the surrounding area. We strive to create a spirit of cooperation and community with all property owners on the chain of lakes.
  2. Provide financial support for many of the events including (but not limited to):
    • Welcome Back to the Lake meeting
    • Fish fry, fishing contests, etc.
  3. Access to all the information on the lake happenings in two convenient formats. Our website is available at and the Shoreline publication.
  4. Membership dues support the postage and printing for newsletters, flyers, etc.
  5. Dues help provide for the upkeep of buoys for safe boating on the lakes.
  6. In addition to dues, many members choose to provide additional support for targeted programs such as testing lake water quality, treatment for invasive aquatic plants, fish stocking, etc.
  7. We thank you in advance for your continued support of our great lake association!

PCLIA Membership Committee

PCLIA 2022 Membership Dues Form