Board of Directors

Officers of the PCLIA:

President: Scott Maghan (Term Expires 12/31/23)

Vice President: Andy Larson (Term Expires 12/31/23)

Past President: Kris Picken (Term Expires 12/31/23)

Treasurer: Diane Lund (Term Expires 12/31/23)

Secretary: Joy Larson (Term Expires 12/31/23)

Board of Directors:

Lynn Bremer (Term Expires 12/31/22)

Chuck Lund (Term Expires 12/31/22)

Jill Mertes (Term Expires 12/31/22)

Marjorie Safaie (Term Expires 12/31/22)

Kari Bunkers (Term Expires 12/31/24)

Tom Kaufhold (Term Expires 12/31/24)

Mike Stuber (Term Expires 12/31/24)

Julie Maghan (Term Expires 12/31/22)